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Gambarajah X : Kerja Sekolah Saya

I'm moving to penang this december and will undergo 3 months trial period with . Funny story about this, i actually stumbled upon their pisang bungalow when me,sly and missnajwa were looking for the best milkshake in town at Jemputree.

We were lost for several hours when i finally came across a big banner in front of a green bungalow that says 'Join our family!'. Later that night (we never actually found Jemputree), i gave it a try and fill in the online form.

The next day, i got a call from the company asking me to attend an interview session. I didn't have anything prepared (note: designers, do bring your portfolio ALL the time), so i just grab anything i can reach from the blog. Weird enough, the low-res images and the smelly shirt i worn from the previous day managed to get me to the next interview session with Mr. MD.

Long story short, the interview went well (minus my bad jokes and terrible accent) and the next day i got a phone call from the company, setting the date for my first day of the gig. Alhamdulillah! ( remind me, i owe both missnajwa & sly, bananana pink panther treats at murni ss2 haha)

fun fact #9327: i failed 19/20 of my engineering position interviews, and this is my first interview as graphic designer.

p/s: missnajwa bought me a 16GB magenta ipod nano 4th gen for my birthday. hooray! (no pictures are included because it is urm.. well, magenta)