The Negative Effect - Malaysia First LOMO Documentary!

Do you know what'll happen if you leave a camera long enough to a bunch of kids? They will evolve. They will experiments with it. They will create a new culture. They will make a MOVIE out of it! This is what happen to this 2 guys, Dick Chua and Kah Giap and the rest of 40 lomographers. In the movie entitled 'The Negative Effect', these group of youngsters are set to organize a Lo-Fi camera exhibition called 'Gia Gia Kua Kua' (walk walk see see) in Penang; a total foreign place to them with no sponsorship nor publicity. Will dream come true for them in such a limited time there?

The Negative Effect is a light and easy, true to life documentary about Lomography, an obsession of experimenting film photography; which is a total opposite in this digital age. The team have already launched the promo-video premiere on 21.03.09 and set to release their documentary on 06.06.09! Checkout their promo-video:

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